Hi! My name is Liam. I’m 22. I’m a songwriter, sideman, and mix/audio engineer.

Didn’t have the cash to pay for a nice bio, so I’m writing my own.

I write songs about my feelings. I am inspired by old guitars, dark rooms, my talented friends, honesty, and all the curious experiences that a music career presents me.

First and foremost: I’m releasing an album I worked on with my friends and with Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, Mother Mother, New Pornographers, etc.).

I am very proud of this album and I hope you love it. In 2019, I’ll be touring this project heavily and making some more music.

For many years, I toured with a band called The Middle Coast. We started touring when I was 17, and toured 100-200 days a year until I was 22. With my two best friends, I toured Canada coast to coast, toured the U.S. a bit, and toured Japan. It was awesome.

I do a lot of work as a keyboard player - touring and playing with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Begonia, Roger Roger, Jadea Kelly, Sweet Alibi, Don Amero, Sol James, Roman Clarke, Madelaine Roger, Lucas Roger, and others.

I do a fair bit of work engineering and mixing other people’s music. I’ve engineered, produced, or mixed for: The Middle Coast, Super Duty Tough Work, Don Amero, Sebastian Owl, Ali Atwell, Housepanther, Wrecker, Roman Clarke, Dylan MacDonald, and done tons of editing for a bunch of people. It’s fun. Mostly.

Thanks for reading.